Global Healthy Workplace Certification Launched!

In addition to our Global Awards Programme (see below), we are pleased to announce a new initiative to bolster the recognition of high quality employer health and wellbeing programmes with the launch of the Global Healthy Workplace Certification.

The Certification is awarded to organisations, which operate healthy workplaces to a high standard. It enables certified employers to celebrate their achievement and to distinguish themselves as an employer of choice when seeking to retain existing employees, or in attracting new talent. With an emphasis on both universal relevance and adaptability to local conditions, the Global Certification demonstrates an employer‘s focus on sound ethical principles, performance and value to stakeholders (including to investors).

The application process is straightforward:

1. Applicants are required to submit the completed audit questionnaire and provide supporting documentation. Where an employer is already recognised or wishes to be recognised through an existing high quality national scheme, which aligns with the global accreditation criteria and is a recognised partner of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, a statement of interest will suffice. This currently applies to entries from Brazil and India.

2. Each application must be accompanied by a payment of $1,500 (large employer), $750 (medium sized employer) or $350 (small or micro employer). Unsuccessful entries will receive a 50% refund and feedback on deficiencies or areas to be addressed and may reapply after a period of six months.

Successful entries will receive the Global Healthy Workplace Certification along with display materials for premises and website free of charge.

Global Certifications are granted for 2-year duration and can be renewed. Certified organisations will additionally benefit from automatic entry to the annual Global Healthy Workplace Awards Programme (statement of interest required).

To ensure integrity and the maintenance of quality, the certification procedures will be reviewed and reported on annually by a panel of judges.

Founding Members of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces’ Certification Consortium:

• National Wellness Institute of Australia
• Associação Brasileira de Qualidade de Vida (ABQV) – Brazil
• Arogya World – India

Additional organisations will be announced in due course.

Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces retains all Rights to the Programme.

For further information and to download the application form visit: